"Our added value lies in the interpretation of a wealth of public information and in the art of our research"

Our sources

For its research, Sourced relies on a multitude of reliable public record sources as well as information from industry experts.

Public record sources include relevant and critical media sources, national company registration databases, academic sources, databases of legal records, property registers and land titles, commercial company databases, credit reports, shipping registers, aviation databases and many other official and commercial sources, as well as the broader internet, including the deep web. When considered relevant, we may also access non-digitalised records manually.

Many of these sources are freely available to the public or can be accessed through paid subscriptions. Although published to promote accountability, public records are often not easily accessible due to bureaucratic hurdles, language barriers, gatekeepers, user-unfriendly databases and burried registers. Our research experience in multiple jurisdictions, combined with creativity, cultural insight, persistence and wit, helps finding those hard-to-access documents intented to create a transparent business society. 


Sourced’s added value lies furthermore in the interpretation of this wealth of information and in the art of its research: cross-referencing source information and finding creative approaches to difficult research tasks, while always considering the value and the origin of the data.

We also conduct interviews with industry experts and well-placed sources to corroborate and further expand on the public record information, turning data into knowledge.

We are continuously expanding our network and our database of public record sources, to find the solutions to your strategic business demands.